Posted by: Mark | April 22, 2015

The New Dinosaurs

Years ago I read Dougal Dixon’s After Man, a zoology book depicting animals that may evolve in the far future. As much as I loved the idea, there haven’t been many books on the subject,  most of the ones that exist are also written by Dixon.

I was excited when I learned that Dixon wrote a similar book about dinosaurs,  how they would have evolved if the great extinction hadn’t occurred.

I waited for The New Dinosaurs and built it up so much in my head that nothing could live up to my expectations.

Some of the new dinosaurs were original and plausible like a moose-dino and one that lived in colonies like naked mole rats. Overall, I felt let down, I was hoping for so much more.

Johnny Carson once told Jay Leno “You don’t tell enough jokes” in his routines. I felt the same way–I got the book for dinosaurs and I wanted more dinosaurs.

My only real complaint is that one of the new dinosaurs has the same name as one of the old–the megalosaur. There was no reason to repeat an existing name.

Dixon really has no competition so I doubt if my opinion would have mattered even when the book was new.

Still, if there’s any aspiring biologists/writers out there–my advice is don’t skimp on the dinosaurs.


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