Posted by: Mark | April 15, 2015

The Completion List: Afterlife

So what’s the best tv series starring Andrew Lincoln where he faces an uncertain existence with his son when the dead return to walk the Earth?

Well, that would be The Walking Dead of course, but Lincoln also starred in a BBC series with a similar premise: Afterlife.

Afterlife deals with ghosts,  not zombies. It is well acted and some of the stories were very creepy.  Unlike The Walking Dead which shied away from killing a baby (as depicted in the comic), no one is safe in Afterlife,  even the main characters.

With plenty of good qualities about it, Afterlife failed on one, and that was enough for me to place it behind Walking Dead (which isn’t too bad).

The Walking Dead has been criticized for its world building but Afterlife’s world had some serious problems.  Ghosts are real in Afterlife.  One, a little girl, kills the pedophile who murdered her. If murder victims can come back to avenge their deaths, would the police even have a homicide division? Would anyone dare commit murder? Would we even have the story of Cain and Abel?

If the ghosts were powerless and unseen, the world wouldn’t look so different but regular people, not just psychics, can sometimes see and interact with them.

This could have been explained away but it wasn’t addressed.

Likewise, Andrew Lincoln starts off as a skeptic. In a world where ghosts kill the living,  skeptics wouldn’t exist.

Can you imagine a scene in The Walking Dead: “Zombies, Darryl? Sure, the folk attacking our prison haven’t kept up their hygiene,  but who believes in zombies? ”

The skepticism isn’t as far gone as in The X-Files where Scully gets impregnated by aliens but still won’t believe in them but given the absolute reality of the ghosts in Afterlife,  it just didn’t fly.

Overall,  I liked the series but some of its rules needed revising.


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