Posted by: Mark | March 12, 2015

Resolution Update X: Spring Break

NKU is off this week but I’ve got surprisingly little done:

1. Blogging. Goal:  300 posts for the year. What I have: To be on track for the year, I needed 58.35, but this is 89.

2. Writing. Goal:  100,000 words for the year. What I have: I needed 19,452 but I have 27,068.

3. Running. Goal: 2,200 miles for the year.  What I have: Needed 427.95 miles, but have 512.8.

4. Publishing. Goal : 105 manuscripts sent out. What I have: I needed 20.42. This has been my worst resolution this year but I bumped it up to 31 after discovering the Submission Grinder.

5. Video. Goal : five video projects.  What I did: Only one but scheduled for another this weekend.

6. Weight. Goal : lose 35 pounds. What I did: Lost a pound this week. I did so badly that I didn’t even weigh myself this week. At least I gave blood–that’s a fluid pound right there.

7. Art. Goal: Photograph 100 species. What I did : 40

Mammal (6): Gerbil, Robo hamster, Campbell’s hamster, Syrian hamster, Rabbit, Gray Squirrel

Bird (18): Budgerigar parakeet, Rock doves (pigeons), Northern cardinal, House sparrow, Mallard duck, Canada goose, House finch, American robin, Red-tailed hawk, Common crow, European starling, Tufted Titmouse, Ring-billed gull, Swan Goose, American tree sparrow, Herring gull, Downy woodpecker,  Red-bellied woodpecker

Reptile (2): Red-eared slider, Leopard gecko

Amphibian (2): Dwarf aquatic frog, Fire-Bellied Toad

Insect (6): Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Stink bug, Wax worm, Mealworms, Cricket, Hister or Oil beetle

Crustacean: Pillbug

Myriapod (1): Millipedes

Annelid (1): Canadian nightcrawler0

Planaria (1): Planaria

8. Kids. Goal : 300 events.  What I did: 43 events (Anderson Library, Campbell County Library, Nagel Band Concert)

9. Exercise. Goal : 8,000 leg lifts and 5,000 push ups.  What I did: Needed 1,557 leg lifts and 973 push ups and have–

Leg lifts: (1,425)

Push ups (1,119)

10.  Gave blood. Not a good idea on the switch to Daylight Savings Time. I feel exhausted.


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