Posted by: Mark | February 17, 2015

Snuggling Gerbils


D.J. the dwarf hamster is already fighting with her baby over food. The gerbils are getting along fine. I still prefer hamsters to gerbils but hamsters don’t get this close unless they’re eating each other’s face.



  1. You totally had me laughing out loud *eating each other’s face!* I’ve never had gerbils only dwarf hamster. Yours are cute.

  2. Sadly, one of our old Syrian hamsters literally ate her brother’s face. I was getting him out for the kids and didn’t realize it until I had already picked him up. I had to shove him in the back of the cage and say that he was sleeping. Syrians are a lot more vicious than dwarfs. She didn’t give any warning, one day they were happy litter mates and the next he was lunch.

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