Posted by: Mark | January 17, 2015

Midnight II


At long last I found a black hamster to replace the late Midnight. He’s not a perfect match but I hope he’ll pass for the original.



  1. Too cute! I’m still waiting for the perfect dwarf hamster to fall into my life. Though none will replace my “Sparkle”. She lived almost 4 years when most live 2-3.

    • Out of all my hamsters only one lived to get close to four (he fell short by a few months). Sadly, all the others were much younger.

      • Awwww. I got lucky. I fed her a clean diet with vegetables and some fruit and other things. I’d like to try again to see if diet had a factor in her life.

  2. […] Midnight II died this morning. He was looking rough for the last week and I had started bringing the water bottle to him to make sure he was drinking. Yesterday he let a few drops run down his muzzle but didn’t seem thirsty. When I checked him today, he was gone. We’d only had him for eight months but I have no idea how he was when we got him. […]

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