Posted by: Mark | January 2, 2015

My Weight Loss Is a Load of Crap

Yesterday I weighed in at 281.3 pounds.  Today the same scale read me as 268.3.

That sounds great but it’s not really much.

Yesterday I weighed myself after lunch and before I went to exercise. Today I did before eating anything since last night and after running 6.6 miles on the elliptical machine.

People can lose five pounds of sweat through heavy exercise which I’ll gain back after my first drink. Another pound of my apparent loss was through lighter clothes and most of the rest went down the toilet.

I went 6.3 miles on the elliptical machine last night and 6.6 today. That’s about 720 calories which probably won’t amount to a quarter pound.

Back in 2013, I lost something like 16 pounds on the first week of my diet. I thought I was doing great but now it seems it was just digestion.



  1. lol I picture you taking enormous power dumps

    • I need to start a new weight loss fad and get kickbacks from the TP industry.

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