Posted by: Mark | December 12, 2014

Completion List: Warehouse 13

Recently I’ve added at least one new show to my completion list. I’m sure about.Warehouse 13, but I can’t tell you for sure about Psych. I’ve looked at episode guides of Psych but they all run together. I have to put it in the gray area of “Most Likely Completed” like Gilligan’s Island and The Munsters.

With Warehouse 13, I’m positive. I saw the first episode a long while back and lost interest but later got hooked on it. (Basically the same as Star Trek: Next Generation.)

I don’t think anyone took Warehouse 13 completely serious, especially the show’s producers. Their funny episodes actually were funny (basically the opposite of Star Trek: Next Generation).

Like Psych and Farscape, Warehouse 13 referenced pop culture without openly pandering. I’m not sure if the writers of Warehouse 13 have a clue of how computer.hacking (or anything technical) works but their depictions advanced the plot, so I didn’t care

The last season was running out of steam but that’s about par for tv. I’ll probably watch the series again but mainly the middle seasons.


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