Posted by: Mark | December 11, 2014

Blood and Boris

The number of rodents in my house refuses to remain stable. This morning when cleaning their cages, I found Boris the dwarf Russian hamster dead. Their lifespans, like their bodies, are shorter than Syrian hamsters. It’s the Lion King’s circle of life and all that, but so many dead pets gets depressing after a while.

I gave blood for the second time this year. Back in college, I donated all the time but once I started working, I never got around to it. After September 11, the demand was so high that I wasn’t able to schedule an appointment until October 2. It wasn’t for another 13 years to the day, this October 2, that I donated again. I was looking for replacement New Year Resolutions and donating blood would be a good one.



  1. nice post 🙂

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