Posted by: Mark | November 21, 2014

Natasha R.I.P.

Back on October 2, I posted about an unexpected litter of hamsters. The little hamsters soon grew up and started fighting.

Initially we just had one cage for them but Natasha, the future mom, started fighting Boris, the male (but most likely not the dad). I put Boris in a separate cage shortly before the babies were born.

Two cages, six hamsters.

Mother Syrian hamsters often eat their babies but Natasha held back. Her babies weren’t very appreciative–they bit her every chance they got so I moved her to another cage.

Three cages, six hamsters.

One of the babies was a complete bully and bit his siblings so often that I moved him/her to yet another cage.

Four cages, six hamsters.

All went well until yesterday when I was cleaning the cages. Natasha was curled up dead. Hamsters can hibernate but she was definitely singing with the choir invisible.

Three cages, five hamsters.

I’m not sure if it was her age, the abuse she took from her children, or something else. It makes cage-cleaning day easier but I wish I’d been able to help her.


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