Posted by: Mark | November 12, 2014

Elephant in the Living Room

I showed the documentary The Elephant in the Living Room in class today. It looks at exotic pets in the U.S., especially Ohio.

Overall I would recommend the film. It presents a strong narrative, gives a great deal of information, and presents both sides of the issue (while obviously favoring one).

One problem I had with it was the background music. I wouldn’t have minded if there was no musical score at all but the music was a few levels too loud and distracting throughout. I’m sure soon we’ll be able to toggle off background music and change effects while watching a movie, but until that day comes, the music drowns out the dialogue on several occasions.

It did make me think about the term “exotic pet.” Some people would apply it to a hamster and others to a tiger or crocodile. It would be useful if we had a separate word that meant “unusual but not dangerous pet.” Nothing really springs to mind.


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