Posted by: Mark | November 2, 2014

What Are Little Girls Made Of

I’m a fan of Robert Bloch but none of the three Star Trek episodes he wrote really jumped out at me. The episode I just watched, “What Are Little Girls Made Of,” wasn’t bad but I don’t know if anyone has it on a top ten list.

The episode mentions the Old Ones which many on the internet claim is a connection to H.P.Lovecraft. They cllearly were not but that never stopped a Trekkie.

A while back, a writer on compared Star Trek’s cinematic visuals to rice cakes. I don’t completely agree but I see the point. This episode under James Goldstone used cinematic techniques beyond a shuffle between close ups and long shots. The android Ruk played by Ted “Lurch” Cassidy Is high on classic Trek’s non fake-looking monsters.

It seemed like Kirk was always finding androids. With all of them, what was the big deal with Data?


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