Posted by: Mark | October 31, 2014

Monthly Resolution: October

October has been rough but I’m hoping the rest of the year will improve.

One of my monthly resolutions was to repeat an early resolution. I did two–apply to 25 jobs (actually 94) and visit a new library).

My New Year’s Resolutions are a mixed bag:

1. Write 100,000 w0rds. I’ve only written 50,535. This is a sure loss.

2. 105 manuscripts submitted for publication. I’ve sent out 77, needing 87. I’m betting I can do this.

3. Three video projects: I’m counting this complete with the Anime convention, the Ringtail Cafe interview, and the  library gaming session.

4. 250 blog posts. This is post 193. I’ll pull off 57 more.

5. Five art works: I started strong but imploded. I did complete two traditional art works but decided to include film and video in the definition of “art.” That way, I’ ve got my Fourth of July poster, my hamster game, upcoming work on Superman:Year One, and the Fur Reality convention. One to go.

6. Run 1,825 miles. Over 1,900.

7. Either run 26.2 miles or do 50 push ups in one sitting. Ran 26.2 miles.

8. Maintain weight under 205 pounds. Totally blew it. Unless I get attacked by a bear, there’s no way I’ll lose enough weight.

9. Read all of the Koran, six more books of the Bible, and three works of Lovecraft. Done


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