Posted by: Mark | August 16, 2014

The Way to Eden

I’ve always liked the original Star Trek more than any of the later series but some episodes are painfully bad. “Spock’s Brain” is generally regarded as the worst episode ever but that seemed so bad it’s almost tolerable while “The Way to Eden,” the episode with the space hippies, is so bad it makes me relate to nerd-bashing, Star Trek-hating jocks.

I wasted my evening watching MeTV–an episode of Adam West’s Batman, Wonder Woman, and finally “The Way to Eden.” Sadly, Star Trek was the corniest and campiest by far.

Some critics have found positive points about the space hippies. I think even the immortal Red Chinese from “Omega Glory” weren’t as horribly stereotyped. And the music–it was like old white guys rapping without the humor.

I was excited to see one of the hippies was played by Charles Napier, who I initially mistook for Alan Napier. I was wrong but Charles Napier still was in many better movies and shows. I’m glad he got a paycheck out of the mess.


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