Posted by: Mark | July 16, 2014

Book of Questions III

Here’s the third and final set of questions from The Book of Questions:


053 – If you could use a voodoo doll to hurt whoever you wished, would you use it on anyone? If so, who?

Now that Fred Phelps is dead, I’d have to think about who, but I’d use it about as quickly as you could say “pin cushion.”

156 – Which would be worse: having to leave the country and never return, or never being able to travel more than 150 miles from where you now live?

Considering that since October 2001, the farthest I’ve been from home was Columbus, this wouldn’t be too tough for me. Since then, I don’t think I’ve been more than 40 miles from home. If I could decide which other country I would live in, I’d be all for it.

 168 – If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else and assume his or her life, would you do it? If so, who would you pick? What if you’d become the real you again in a month? Or a year?

The reason I never tried wearing soft contacts is that I figure that if I did, I could never go back to hard. If I had to switch back, I don’t think I’d body swap. If it was for keeps, hello LPGA tour.

245 – If you could take a pill and eat food all day without absorbing calories or nutrition, would you? If so, is there any particular food you’d gorge on?

I’d take it even quicker than the voodoo doll. I’d eat just about everything but especially ice cream.


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