Posted by: Mark | April 15, 2014

Book of Jubilees

Just started The Book of Jubilees and already it’s getting crazy. Here’s a couple of highlights:

Chapter 2: In Jubilee’s version of creation, God didn’t start out with “‘Let there be life.” He didn’t create the sun until the fourth day which begs the question if He was seeing in the dark or has echolocation like a bat. When He began with living creatures, He made “sea monsters” first–“these were the first things of flesh that were created by his hands.” That makes sense to me–I’d definitely start with Godzilla.

Chapter 3: Before the serpent loused everything up, all animals, birds, and fish could talk. Afterwards God specifically took speech away from everything but humans–which makes me wonder what the ancients thought about parrots.

Chapter 4: Mankind gets heavy with incest. Abel is born a week after Cain and their sister Awan is born a week later. Cain marries Awan and Seth pairs up with little sister Azura. The next two generations marry brothers and sisters until they branch out to cousins. I wonder if this motif is an underlining reason for Creationist support.


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