Posted by: Mark | March 17, 2014

Good/Bad: The Final Recap

Here’s a few additional choices from the exercise:

Good (that I was surprised college students remembered): The Goonies, The Natural, Cujo

Good (that I disagree with): Pitch Perfect (2 picks), The Notebook

Bad (that I disagree with): Anything with John Wayne, Rocky, The Shining, The Dark Knight (2 picks), Star Wars (7 picks) (“Star Wars is the worst movie that I have ever seen. I say this because nothing seems real about it.”), The Starving Games, Zombieland, The Godfather (2 picks) (“surprisingly long and dragged out” and “too much talking”), Star Trek.

Bad (that makes me happy they were chosen): Twilight, The Last Airbender, The Notebook, Transformers, The Room


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