Posted by: Mark | February 10, 2014

Worst First Date Movies

Den of Geek had an article about bad date movies that brought back memories.

In Taxi Driver, Robert DeNiro took his date to a porn house. That’s pretty bad but I had a friend who topped it. I’ve never been very suave but he made me look like the Fonz.

For one of his first dates, they went to the movies. To The Exorcist. Before it was even half over, his date ran out screaming.

For another first date, they went to an exhibition of Indian Dance. His date insisted on leaving during intermission.

Another time, he told me about how he struck up a conversation on a first date about a local nursing home, mentioning how dark and depressing it was. He learned from his date. When he told me about it, first he asked, “You don’t have any relatives there, do you?”



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