Posted by: Mark | January 7, 2014

Not the Last, Not the First

I ended 2013 with the last regular day of classes cancelled due to bad weather, something I wouldn’t have imagined possible. I taught my first class back in 1992, and, until it happened, the idea of cancelling the final class of a course seemed like a joke. Classes were rarely cancelled for any reason no matter how sensible it might be. When NKU made the decision not to open back in December, I thought that might be the strangest administrative decision to affect me.

Then today, the first day of classes for me in 2014–classes cancelled.

Plenty of people have devoted their lives to denying climate change. One or two incidents don’t make or break an argument but when they add up to thousands, I’m not sure how you can wave off the facts. I’m not mad at anyone–I just wish I had that power to deny reality.


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