Posted by: Mark | December 17, 2013

Resolution Update #51

Day 351–two weeks until 2013 is over. My resolutions aren’t quite dead:

1. Blogging (goal – 250 posts/year): Barely squeaking by again. For today I needed 240.41 to be on pace and this is #241.

2. Health (goal – 1,095 miles/lose 100 pounds): I only needed to run 1,053 miles by today but have 1,230.5. However, I gained over two pounds last week which pretty much sinks this resolution.

3. Writing (goal – 105 submissions) – I sent out 105 manuscripts but part of the original resolution was to write five new works. I only have two so I might fail this one as well.

4. Video (goal – 3 video projects) – Complete.

5. Spiritual (goal – 30 books of the Bible) – On Chapter 42 of Sirach, which, as everyone knows, has 51 chapters in all. If I finish, I’ll hit 30 books.

6. Cultural (goal – support 24 local cultural event) – I should have 23.08 but I’m still on 19.

7. Top Ten (goal – 150 works) – I’m throwing in the towel on this one. Failure.

8. Webkinz (goal – two million Webkinz Kash; graduate from classes) – Failed.

9. Libraries (goal – 5 new libraries) – Complete.

10. Kids (goal – 100 events) – Took Devilboy to Campbell County Library’s Game Day to make it to 92 events. I needed 96.16.

I write this with only 348 hours left in the year. It looks like I won’t do as well as I had hoped.


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