Posted by: Mark | November 20, 2013

2013: A Year Semi-Wasted II

As if I haven’t run the whole resolution subject to the ground, I’m going to review how I did on each of my ten goals. The second one, Webkinz World, is the first that I’m certain to fail.

What happened: The first part of the resolution–to earn two million Webkinz Kash–initially seemed the hardest. Webkinz Kash  is the point system of Webkinz World. You earn them for playing games, working jobs, and other competitions. You can use them to bring food, clothes, and just about anything else. It’s a hard-core capitalist game.

For a surprisingly long period, I was able to keep up with the average of 1,800 WK per day. I gave up when it was clear I wasn’t going to pass all the classes by year’s end.

Late in 2012, I figured that I could pass all the classes by mid-May. Webkinz Academy offers eight classes and I finished six of them early in the year. Each classes has ten levels which take progressively longer to complete. The first level requires five successful classes, the second ten, the third 15, and increasing until finishing 275 classes. The Academy allows players to take three classes a day so, factoring in failures, passing six classes took about two years.

I’ve been stumbling on the Creativity and Strength classes. I have ten more classes before I finish Creativity but 67 to finish Strength. I’m hoping to finish Creativity by the end of the year but I probably wouldn’t be able to get through Strength by 2015.

Will I try again: I’m not even considering. I only attempted it in 2013 to get to an even ten resolutions. It was a goofy thing to try but I don’t really regret it.


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