Posted by: Mark | October 1, 2013

Resolution Update #40

A.D. 2013 is 274 days over but here’s what I made of it:

1. Blogging (goal – 250 posts/year):  After a light week of blogging, this puts me at post #188. I needed 187.67 to be on track.

2. Health (goal – 730 miles/lose 16.1 more pounds):  Pretty serious week running. I’m up to 563.3 miles. For an average of two miles a day, I only needed 548. I lost 3.4 pounds last week, putting me 13 pounds from goal.

3. Writing (goal – 105 submissions) – Up to 77 manuscripts sent out; I should be up to 78.82.

4. Video (goal – 3 video projects) – Completed.

5. Spiritual (goal – 30 books of the Bible) – Breezed through The Song of Solomon (I need to post about that). The Book of Wisdom is my 29th book of the year. I only needed 22.52 to be on track.

6. Cultural (goal – support 24 local cultural event) – Still on 14 events. I should have supported at least 18.01.

7. Top Ten (goal – 150 works) – I died at 101 works. I even brought back all my drama books to the library, effectively giving up. The movies on the list are either too adult to watch with the kids or stuff I don’t want to watch in the first place.

8. Webkinz (goal – 2 million Webkinz cash/complete all classes) – I’m up to an impressive 1,773,3326 Webkinz Kash but that isn’t even close to the  1,818,200 WK I need. I could graduate in 70 days but that’s incredibly unlikely.

9. Libraries (goal – 5 new libraries) – To be on pace, I should be up to 3.75. I actually have four but this could slip away from me..

10. Kids (goal – 100 events) – It turns out that I completely forgot to bring my daughter to an event sponsored by Children’s Hospital last week. I did take both of them to a hospital fund-raiser at the zoo which I’m counting (putting me at 69 events, needing 75.06), but I’m feeling bad about it.

I’m up to 50% of resolutions on track, from a low of 40% last week. Not sure if it’s getting any better.


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