Posted by: Mark | July 5, 2011

Martyr to the Seat Belt Laws

An anti-seat belt law activist has been killed in a car accident which would probably have been nonfatal if he’d buckled up.

On one hand, how is this different than a smoker who’d fought against smoking bans dying of lung cancer or burning up in bed? If mandatory vegan laws went into place, I’d be against them although I’ll probably die of a heart attack due to my diet.

Yet, even though I don’t smoke, I can understand the draw of nicotine. Other dangerous habits have a some sort of a drug-, sugar-, meat-, or other-high. Other than nonconformity, I don’t get the draw of not buckling.

E.B. White in Stuart Little ridiculed the idea of a law that would ban eating poisonous mushrooms, believing people shouldn’t do stupid things but the government shouldn’t force them to be smart.

I’d argue that if individuals are financially able to pay for all medical costs out of pocket without relying on insurance or the government, they should be allowed to drive without seat belts. If they’re asking other people to pay for them on accidents on roads constructed and maintained by the government, buckle up.



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