Posted by: Mark | November 29, 2022

Ambrose Bierce Review: A Baby Tramp

Hastur, the the King in Yellow, has evolved into a strange corner of the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Originally D&D was so derivative of Lord of the Rings that Tolkien’s estate sued; now, thanks to public domain, the Cthulhu mythos is seeping in.
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Posted by: Mark | November 28, 2022

Roald Dahl Review: Spotty Powder

I wasn’t expecting to review a “story” like this one but that’s life.*
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Posted by: Mark | November 27, 2022

Freakish Creature Variation

This is a different colored version of the old freakish creature from a few months back.

I like this one much better but wish I hadn’t tried to get fancy and paint the head a different shade of yellowish-tan. I might not be getting any better but I have a better understanding of what I’m doing wrong.

Posted by: Mark | November 27, 2022

Two Months Without Facebook

I was thinking about giving up and jumping through the hoops that Facebook requires to reactivate my account but then I saw I was up to 84 notifications (I wonder how many people get more than that in two days).

Now I’m curious about the upper limits of notifications. Just speculating about it has been more entertaining than most of the times I’ve been on Facebook.

Posted by: Mark | November 26, 2022

Resolution Update 47

I always have a bad time around Thanksgiving, but I did check off two resolutions last week. At least I didn’t have to work Black Friday.

Here’s how I did last week:
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Posted by: Mark | November 26, 2022

Resolution #3 Complete!

King John might have been one of Shakespeare’s least respected plays but it gave me enough literary works to complete one of my new year’s resolutions.

As usual, reading literature like this has made me feel dumber. I’ve been trying to write about Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris and Thomas Ligotti’s Songs of a Dead Dreamer, but I can’t wrap it all up.

I’ve been posting about what I remembered and didn’t remember about Shakespeare and it surprises me how much I forgot. How long does literature stay in your system before it’s gone? I haven’t read Lord of the Rings in 43 years–do I know anything that someone who just watched the movies doesn’t know (other than Tom Bombadil)?

I’ll just work on short stories for now.

Posted by: Mark | November 25, 2022

Kings and Queens of England in Pop Culture

I just finished Shakespeare’s King John. It is not even close to being one of his better plays but it surprised me by featuring John’s even stupider son, King Henry III. I read the play 30-some years ago but forgot Henry was in it.

Over the years, I’ve noticed many depictions of English royalty in pop culture. I thought I had an example for each, but, much like John, I too wasn’t even close.

Here’s monarchs in books/movies/songs that I’ve read/seen/heard. (I know there are many more but I haven’t encountered them yet.)
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Posted by: Mark | November 25, 2022

Angry Owl

After the owlbear miniature, I felt like giving up. I decided to draw an owl and see if it would be any better.

I found a “how to draw an owl page and actually followed directions.

The eyes aren’t right and I still have a long way to go with shading but I feel much better with this one.

Posted by: Mark | November 24, 2022

Rereading Shakespeare: Pericles

Shakespeare’s Pericles has a bad reputation, often regarded as one of the bard’s worst plays, if not the absolute worst. When I read it thirty-some years ago, I didn’t think it was so bad. Would my memories hold up? I re-read the play and this is what I found:
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Posted by: Mark | November 24, 2022

A Very Owlbear Thanksgiving

Owlbears have been a part of Dungeons and Dragons since the 1970s and I’ve seen dozens, if not hundreds, of painted owlbear miniatures. One thing all of them had in common is that they looked better than mine.

I repainted this twice before going with the calico coloring. Not one of my better choices.

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