Posted by: Mark | September 18, 2016

Ruby Throated Hummingbird


If you squint, you might make out the dark shape of a hummingbird on the left hand side of the feeder.

It’s a lousy shot but I don’t think I’ll get another this year.

Posted by: Mark | September 17, 2016

Turkey Vulture


I expected to get a picture of a turkey vulture much earlier. I’ve seen them many times but never got a shot.

My kids have watched a number of nature shows that included info about turkey vultures (their legs are naturally black but defecate on themselves so they look gray).

I don’t think I would like one as a pet.

Posted by: Mark | September 12, 2016

R.I.P. Little Bit and Fred

I’ve been meaning to post when things got better but that might be a while.

Two pets died this week. Fred the Leopard gecko died a few days ago. We got him full-grown in 2011 so I’m not sure how old he was.

I always worried about keeping him warm enough in the winter and assumed he was safe during summer. I have no idea what he died of but I’d like to think that I would have been more observant if this started in February.

Little Bit the Campbell’s dwarf hamster was born in November 2014. His uncle/father Squeaky  is still alive but Little Bit had something happen since last Thursday when I cleaned their cages. Again, in a better time, I might have caught him in time but I don’t know.

Posted by: Mark | August 25, 2016

Reading Library

Devilboy’s new school is within a few miles of the Reading branch library. It’s smaller than I expected–normally Devilboy finds a few dozen books but in this case he only found one.

There wasn’t much of a selection of books on mythology, pets, or nonfiction in general. It seemed more of a community center than a library. . . which is probably how most patrons like it. There were many public computers,  meeting rooms, and other resources that the community was using. Maybe this is the future of libraries. Not my first choice but it’s better than shutting down.

Posted by: Mark | August 19, 2016

Fairy Ring Mushroom

2016-08-19 18.00.51

I was proud of myself for matching these with a picture of fairy ring mushrooms but then I learned this a blanket term for more than 60 species of fungi.

If you believe evil fairies live inside the mushroom ring, there’s only one sure-fire way to dispel them–run around it nine times. Clockwise or counter-clockwise? The lore is vague.

Posted by: Mark | August 15, 2016

Bearded Dragons

2016-08-15 01.57.32

Shipping and distribution sent the store a package of bearded dragons despite the fact that is no place for them. After some confusion, they were driven to safety.

From what I’ve heard, these are the best reptilian pet available. Maybe some day.

Posted by: Mark | August 11, 2016


2016-08-11 21.08.14

Hornworms are the larval form of hawkmoths, and, much like Eric Carle’s Hungry Hungry Caterpillar, they spend much of their time eating. Unfortunately this resulted in a massive geyser of fecal matter when Isabela the turtle bit into him. I just put in a new filter system in her tank so it should work out.

She seemed to like hornworm flavor but I will probably stick with other food.

Posted by: Mark | August 9, 2016


2016-08-09 15.31.51

Well, this was as close as I could get to a goldfinch without scaring him off. I had expected to get a goldfinch early on but, for some reason, our paths never crossed.

Posted by: Mark | August 9, 2016

June Beetle

2016-08-08 23.59.02

I thought I posted a picture of a June Beetle before but nothing is coming up from searching. It’s not a particularly impressive insect but I guess it counts as a species. I had another eight-day stretch without a day off so I’ll take it.

Posted by: Mark | August 7, 2016

1,007 Dancing Robots

The Chinese have set the record for the most simultaneously dancing robots beating my record of three by a considerable margin.

These robots look like the Noa robots I work with except for a few alterations. I’ve seen a few web sites refer to them as Noa but I don’t think that there are that many Noa available.

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